ANTHM by doni

The Dawning of a New Age…and Style

Doni Landy

I recently came across notes I had taken during a session with an astrologer last winter. Regardless of whether or not you believe our paths are “written in the stars,” an astrological reading can be exactly the inspiration needed to reflect on the day-to-day monotony and, hopefully, find meaning in it. That’s what an astrological reading is for me. But like any other source of learning, its value turns on how well we interpret and apply the signs we receive. The trouble is, sometimes that application isn’t immediately obvious.

Last winter, I was at a crossroad. I had a clear vision for my career and had made a lot of progress toward that end. I was on the cusp of something big. Still, I felt off. I was not the person I aspired to be. I was not living the life I wanted.

Not yet.

To outsiders, my life looked not only as if it was falling into place but also easy. I had a promising and challenging new job, a new home within walking distance to that job, a closet in that home filled with beautiful clothes, bags, and jewels that I loved, and two beautiful teens whom I loved even more. With all that, I felt there was room for more, which is why I scheduled a reading for that cold, gray winter day.

What the astrologer said made no sense. She told me I was to experience a shift and that I was going to find another position closer to home. “Closer to home?” I thought. I couldn’t get much closer than I already was, and assumed she meant that I would be working from home. When the meeting ended, I thanked her for her guidance, placed my notes in a folder, and didn’t think about them again.

Until now.

Nearly six months has passed since I received the call, the call asking if I would be interested in buying Elle Squared. I was. And I did. Today, I am not quite working at my kitchen table, but pretty close to it, even closer than I was at my office job down the street.

The universe had a plan for me, Elle Squared an integral part of it. I always wanted to own a boutique. More than that, I always wanted to create a space where strong, smart, and sophisticated women could come and see their vision become reality. Such is the power of style. Clothes are not only what we wear, either to adorn us or, on a very basic level, protect us from the elements. Clothes reflect who we are as women and as human beings.

Each and every one of us has a vision for ourselves, for how we want the world to see us, and for the life we aspire to lead. We may not always be willing to share that vision with others, if at all, for fear that we will be judged or fail. Still, that vision lives in all of us, no matter how much we try to quiet it or are not sure, as I was, how to translate it into something meaningful.

Fortunately, style is another way for us to express that vision. It is a way for us to be artistic even if we are not an artist in the traditional sense – a painter, a musician, or a writer, meaning that everyone has the potential to create. Fashion pioneer and icon, Gloria Vanderbilt, characterized it best when she said, “All art, from the paintings on the walls of cave dwellers to art created today, is autobiographical because it comes from the secret place in the soul where imagination resides.”

Fashion is no exception. When we dress and accessorize ourselves, we can change our life, beginning by living up to the style we create. For the first time in my life, I am living up to mine, just as the astrologer predicted. The question remains, are you ready to live up to yours?



Doni Feinberg Landy, Esq. is a mom, entrepreneur, store owner, lawyer, blogger, talent manager/agent, bag lady, and jewelry junkie.

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