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Elle Squared: Where Everything Old Is New Again

Doni Landy

Fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

For more than 13 years, Elle Squared has been committed to providing our smart and stylish customers “Classic Accessories….with an edge!™,” whether for themselves or as a gift, all curated by our savvy staff to enable them to complete their own unique look with our most recent findings from around the world.

Elle Squared became a name that clients could depend on, a place where they could go and instantaneously be directed to the exact pieces they envisioned and, shortly after, walk out wearing. The best part was, this required little direction from clients.

That was the legacy of founder, Louise Webber, a gift she passed on to her staff through diligent hands-on training and creative collaboration, and the reason why they remain committed to Elle Squared so many years later. They are the familiar faces you have come to know and trust: Lauren Klein, Jane Silverstein, Susan Schlisserman, Jessica Steb, and Maya Statmore.

When I purchased Elle Squared in August of 2016, its staff welcomed my buyer, Jessica Panes, and I with open arms, immediately making us feel like a part of their close-knit family. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Still, finding my footing took time. After all, I had some big shoes to fill. What resulted were a lot of hits. But, admittedly, a few misses, too.

It is for this reason I have chosen to make 2017 all about returning to our roots, about revisiting what first made Elle Squared the tried and true recipe for style that it was, and is destined to be once again. We at Elle Squared are committed to bringing back the brands you love and the designers you know, but, most importantly, the individualized customer service that has kept you coming back to us year after year.

You deserve that.

No matter what the venture or the idea is, it is always important to try your best, to give it all you have got. That said, it is equally as important to know when it is time to shift gears, whether by moving in a new direction or backtracking to reestablish your foundation. Only then can we flourish in the way we are meant to.

Exploration is about growth. It is about trying something you have never tried before – a food, a fragrance, a look. It is about finding out what you like and what you do not, what works and what does not. Chances are there will be more times when you say nay as opposed to yay. But that is how we learn.

Since buying Elle Squared almost six months ago, I have learned – a lot. Not only about the store I am committed to leading into the future, but also about the clients who have welcomed Elle Squared into their closets, and their lives. Your faith in the Elle Squared name is what gave us the privilege of traveling with you to locations near and far, public and private. Beaches. Cities. Birthdays. Graduations. Weddings. Anniversaries. An evening at home with the ones you love.

We want to be there with you again. To see you in the designs we personally source with each of you specifically in mind. And to help make that special occasion a little more memorable because you loved the way you looked – and felt – as a result.

Join us and rediscover the magic of Elle Squared where everything old is new again.


Doni Feinberg Landy, Esq. is a mom, entrepreneur, store owner, lawyer, blogger, talent manager/agent, bag lady, and jewelry junkie.

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